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Updated: Feb 9, 2019

Most of us have a book within us, we just don't know it.

McClure Publishing Inc. not only publishes books, but helps you find the book within you. Publishing a book can start your entrepreneurial journey if you follow the steps in this article. This article will present ways to start the novel within you, how to complete a submission to McClure Publishing, and how you can build your brand. Whatever the reason you want to write a book, McClure Publishing can help you do it.

There are several paths you can follow to get your book started. A technique that some people use unintentionally is journaling. You have people that journal for themselves for years then realize they have a book. You can use journaling to start your own book. You can write journals about your daily feelings and come up with a title later or, you may have a title in mind, and you can focus on a certain topic when you journal. One topic that you can focus on is your dreams. If you have dreams that you actually remember, you can jot them down daily and add a date and time to each one.

It mostly depends on what kind of book you want to write (fictional or non-fictional), what genre you want to write, who you want your audience to be, and what you want to accomplish. McClure Publishing has published everything from dissertations to poetry books. A part of the way McClure Publishing helps you find the book within you is our FREE 6 Week Writing Course available on that can be viewed at this link (please subscribe for updates and additional information to help you expand). This particular link is to a video talking about genres, wordology, writing tips, distribution offered to you when you publish with McClure Publishing, finding your niche, and more. This video also includes one tip for aspiring Public Speakers. Your book can lead you to many other avenues. It becomes your launching pad.

A book journey is a book you may decide to write that takes you through the path that will provide you with inspiration for writing and finishing your book. Say for instance, you chose to write a self-help book that others can read, and their life can be changed. You will probably be taken through scenarios or situations in real life that you can learn from yourself and add to your book. It is kind of what you asked for in life. McClure Publishing is working on offering inexpensive services where you can be advised on what book and genre would be best for you to write.

If you’re someone who already has a book ready to be published, this part of the blog will particularly help you. When you visit there’s a special place titled “Submission Guidelines” that you can access from the home page by clicking SUBMISSIONS or you can follow this link . McClure Publishing offers reasonable payment plans so that you can afford to publish your work. We also advise you to save money as you are writing your book if it is on your heart to publish and become an Author. Establish a relationship with store managers to setup a schedule for your book tour. Another tip we would also like to provide is building your brand while you write.

Your book or novel will become your business. It’s best to build your brand while you are writing. Building a brand includes many things. Building the awareness of yourself and your book on social media and by word of mouth prior to your work being published will increase the interest of your audience. Finding out what audience you want to reach will help you find out how to market to them. Social media may not always be the best way to reach your audience, but social media always makes for good marketing. Publishing with McClure Publishing comes with 6 months of free marketing while working on your manuscript to help the public know who you are and how to purchase your book for pre-sales and after the book is published.

We hope this blog has found you and helped you. McClure Publishing is available via phone and email. We are always working around the clock to assist you in meeting your publishing needs. Please feel free to send any inquiries to or give us a call at 800-659-4908.

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By: Patrice Brown, MS

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