In a time where technology is more advance than ever, the evolution of DRONE has taken many forms. Klaevion Electronics one of the largest gaming companies in the United States host a competition on its latest game DRONE . This new game has gotten worldwide attention with the winnings up to a million dollars. People all over the World, like Russia, China, Iran, Africa, Pakistan, have gotten into the DRONE frenzy with over 200,000 contestants. The gossip around social media is about the large sum of cash for the winner. However, be careful with what you display on the world stage, Big Brother is always watching. Homeland Security Director Chris Mills has taken interest in this competition where all finalists are to be flown into the City of Chicago for the Regional, National and Semi-Finals. The Government is concerned about terrorists coming into the Country, and offers up a solution for Klaevion Electronics making an offer that cannot be refused.

D.R.O.N.E.: Death Rules Over National Enemies

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